Seedrs pic

We continue to develop the successful Captive Media concept – helping UK brands and agencies to ‘reach the unreachable’ (aka millennial men!) Recently that has included new games and media options – like social media feeds to our screens.  It also involves more screens, most recently in 2 new Liverpool venues.  Since this all takes time and money, we are both fundraising and hiring.

On the funding front, our listing on Seedrs hit 50% of its target in Week 1, with contributions from 40 investors in 5 different countries.  You can see where it’s reached now via this link and watch our video here or by clicking the image above.

And if you happen to know London’s best and brightest ad sales person – please let us know at  As a brand new medium, he or she will be an ‘Evangelist’ rather than a ‘Trader’ – and capable of selling to brands as well as agencies.  Flexible working and a share in our success is guaranteed – corner offices, parking spaces and pensions are not!