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Game Developers

Could you do better?  Captive Media invites all budding game developers to design a game for our unique user interface!

Games are developed in Flash Active Script 3, to an API which we can provide.  The most engaging game(s) will go live on the system and be played by thousands each month.

Send us your ideas and a link to your work for feedback.

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Captive Media is privately funded.  We are also committed to pragmatic, focused, step-by-step expansion.

As we expand we may seek funding from outside investors, who see the fun in the concept and the value in the business, and who can help us in building the company. If you’re interested to invest in the future of digital washroom media …

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Sales Professionals

In response to strong demand from our launch, Captive Media is looking for a UK Sales professional to coordinate sales to UK Venues.

And in response to proposals from over 50 different countries, we are starting a programme to sign up international resellers. We would like to hear from people with experience of managing indirect sales channels across many countries … and a GSOH!

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We are starting to build plans for add-on features to the basic product, including 3rd party technologies. If you have technology which could be complementary to Captive Media’s, we’d love to talk to you!

We have also started talking to prospective partners to participate in our roll out beyond the UK. If that could be you …

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