Digital Outdoor Advertising with interactive washroom media | Captive Media

55 seconds dwell time

45-75% recall

Measured sales impacts

Problem: Young consumers are turning off to traditional media

Solution: Surprise, Engage & Delight!

  • Captive Media was born from this realisation : reaching young influencers today needs something innovative, irreverent, and highly, highly engaging.
  • It is interactive & interruptive – and has great dwell times.
  • The average ‘visit time’ of a UK male is 55 seconds, and our content is a LOT more engaging and memorable than the wall!
  • Ladies visits often include queueing times – also a great time for entertainment and ‘talkable’ ads.
  • Captive Media also reaches consumers just before their purchase decision (incl. 16% of Gen Y who have made smartphone purchases in the loo!).
  • We have started to experiment with social media extensions, initially based on score-sharing… & there’s lots of potential!
  • We will build out our network in high end public washrooms – bars, exhibition centres, airports & retail …
  • And because every male visitor interacts with the system, we can provide actual, not estimated figures for number of impacts.

… so who would advertise in a washroom? More surprises!