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Targeted. Accountable. Highly Talkable.

And did we mention it’s Interactive?


Facts behind the 9 reasons to advertise with Captive Media


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  • 87% (41 of 47) “will tell friends what they’ve seen”.
  • 79% “Ads gave me positive impression of the brands”.
  • Guinness research found consumer-advocates the most desirable outcome for campaigns.
  • Captain Morgan found that 88% of their audience told friends about their branded game


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  • 100% of stated impacts are actual impressions, 0% are estimates.
  • All are confirmed interactions with the brand.
  • Data comes in hourly slots to compare to EPOS data.
  • Rare qualities for out-of-home advertising.


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  • Unprompted recall rates of up to 80%.
  • Total recall (unprompted plus prompted) Up to 90%.
  • Sales impact for inhouse promotions: over 200 units a week or up to 47% (average weekly impact, EPOS data, 8 weeks trial).
  • Jaegermeister saw sales rise between 40%-112% between venues

Highly Targeted

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  • Branded venues set clear audience demographics.
  • In our initial target bars : ABC1 males aged 18-35. High spending, style-conscious opinion formers.
  • Perfect gender targeting – both male and female!

Feature comparison

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  • Genuine engagement – not broadcasting.
  • 90% think “a branded game would work well”.

Point of Sale

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  • Audience in a receptive, “retail” frame of mind.
  • Timing generally just before next purchase!
  • Place-based marketing that drives real sales

Popular Place

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  • 93% think “It’s a good place for advertising” …
  • … including 100% of those women surveyed.


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  • No distraction/clutter. “Nothing else to look at”.
  • Cannot drive past, change channel or turn the page.
  • Average dwell time for UK male is 55 seconds.
  • Vast majority of players enjoy it!

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