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LeoVegas finally stop guys skipping their TV Ads

As reported in SBC News, Captive Media was delighted to help with the launch of LeoVegas’s Sports Book at the start of the 2016 Premiership season. The campaign ran LeoVegas’s TV ad and was seen 342,680 times in bars around the UK. It ran alongside an interactive football game, in which brand mascot Leo faced 3,380,538 penalties from happy punters. As a result, 35% of players could namecheck LeoVegas unprompted … showing the value of engagement in cutting through to busy consumers. Exit polls also revealed the other betting brands punters name-checked.

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Overhang becomes top-seller at Holland & Barrett

Overhang is inspired by a secret Italian family recipe. Enriched with vitamins and botanicals, it’s a natural thirst quencher which helps your body replenish and rehydrate. Our campaign aimed to raise awareness and recognition of the brand while driving sales in Holland & Barrett AND generating word-of-mouth. A 10 second advert was played on Captive Media’s network over the busy Christmas period. It increased brand awareness to over 50%, with more than half of those saying they would tell friends. Overhang became the top-selling drink in Holland & Barrett over Christmas.

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Betsafe jumps from 9% to 55% unprompted recall

Betting company Betsafe generated a fivefold increase in brand awareness during the Rugby World Cup, with an interactive Rugby game. The game’s celebrity endorser, Kyran Bracken, set the high score which gamers had to beat for a chance of winning two tickets to the Rugby World Cup final.

The campaign ran from 18th September until 31st October and was played by 261,537 millennial male consumers in 160 UK venues.
The 60 second interactive engagement consisted of a pre-roll message, followed by a branded game in which players navigated a rugby player through a field of on-rushing opponents. Players described it as “awesome”, “amazing” and “incredible”. One player summed up its novelty: “You don’t see Sky doing [things] like that”.

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Cornerstone raises profile to image-conscious males

Cornerstone delivers men’s shaving supplies to your door. Their aim was to drive brand awareness among a targeted audience, and to increase website visits, sales and word-of-mouth for the brand. The campaign combined adverts on Captive Media screens, Socialite screens – an ambient network, and NFC point of sale, all promoting a special offer. This lifted brand awareness with 100% of people who had seen their advert correctly connecting Cornerstone with a shaving brand.

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Gruhme fragrance seen as premium

Gruhme is a suite of new fine fragrances for men. They have run several campaigns with Captive Media, including sponsorship of a cricket game during the Ashes, a poll, and advertisements. Fragrances are often bought as gifts by female friends or partners but, Gruhme wanted to try advertising directly to men to encourage them to buy fragrance for themselves. Captive Media’s focused male audience has enabled Gruhme to build word of mouth, awareness, and brand equity.

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Guinness offer redemptions double

MatchPint ran a promotion with Guinness that offered 2-4-1 pints of Guinness during The Six Nations 2015. Captive Media helped promote the offer in 11 venues.

The campaign helped double the number of offer redemptions compared to control venues. In-venue downloads of the MatchPint app almost trebled compared to control venues

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Anthony Nolan registrations rise 73%, wins Drum Award

Anthony Nolan’s limited-edition election game allowed men to throw tomatoes at the leaders of the seven political parties. A direct hit on an ‘M-Pee’ registered as one vote in the poll of unpopularity, and all votes were tallied online in real time to produce a running ‘anti-poll’ of the leader’s standings.

The press took notice. Reuters and RTL sent film crews to cover the game launch, Brand Republic, The Guardian, Lifehacker and Wallblog all wrote about the game. The campaign resulted in 23,531 web visitors, and 1572 Donor Registrations – a rise of 74.9%

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Jagermeister sales rocket

Captive Media ran an eight week test campaign for Jagermeister at three locations across the UK.

Sales of Jagermeister were higher compared to the same period the year before at each location by percentages ranging from 40 to 112%. Further, we introduce our new “Propensity to Select” measure, an index of a brand’s sales in-venue over time which is normalised for fluctuations in overall footfall (something only Captive Media can measure). The measure thus provides a truer picture of the effectiveness of promotional activity – and makes comparisons between sites and regions more meaningful.

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Consumers love Captain Morgan’s World Cup game

Captive Media ran a four week campaign for Captain Morgan across 10 locations across central London. The campaign consisted of a background slot and a specially-commissioned game called The Captain’s Cannon

In three test venues, average weekly sales of Captain Morgan were over 12% higher than during the eight weeks prior. YOY analysis also found that sales were up by 25% on the same time in 2013. Further, exits polls discovered that unprompted recall of Captain Morgan was 80% and that 88% of players would tell their friends about the game.

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Macmillan raises awareness

Captive Media ran a pro bono campaign for the cancer advice and support charity MacMillan. The trial ran over six weeks in November and December 2012 at several client venues.

The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of the charity and their messaging amongst customers, by means of a 15-second animation to be displayed on Captive Media’s units.

Over two nights, Captive Media carried out intercept interviews with patrons of one of our client venues in London, and found that unprompted awareness of the charity had been lifted 73%, and total awareness by 24%.

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Tiger doubles its share

Captive Media ran an inhouse promotion for Tiger Beer on its interactive washroom units over a seven-week period from the 9th January to the 26th February at the Exhibit Bar in London. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of Captive Media’s system in boosting sales of a brand available on site.

The results showed a near doubling of Tiger’s share of bottled beer sales at the venue. Weekly Tiger sales during the Jan/Feb trial period, usually a quiet time of year, were 26% higher than the 2011 average, and even exceeded those during the Christmas peak period. All results are based on the venue’s own EPOS data. The trial was featured in this TV report by German broadcaster ZDF.

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Consumers LOVE Captive Media

Captive Media was first installed in a public venue on July 13th 2011. It was a world first. No-one had ever done anything like this before, and the reaction of customers in the venue – both male and female – and of venue staff – was unknowable. Over the following four months Captive Media used intercept interviewing, conducted by Students from Cambridge University – not Captive Media staff – to measure the reactions of Customers and staff to the system. “How did you find playing the game?”, “Do you remember seeing any of the advertising?”, “Did you take a positive or negative impression of the brands you saw?”

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Corona overtakes Peroni, grows 47%

As part of its first wave of trials in Cambridge between July and October 2011, Captive Media ran a test promotion for Corona Beer. Over an 8 week period, Captive Media’s units ran a static 10 second promotion for Corona. Corona was the no.2 selling beer in the venue, selling an average of 400 units a week. Sales uplift was measured using the bar’s own EPOS data to compare sales during the trial to average sales for the year to date prior to the trial. Sales of Corona during the trial period rose by an average of 203 units a week, to just over 600 bottles a week, an uplift of 46%.

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DrinkAware promotes responsible drinking

In collaboration with Ogilvy Neo and Ogilvy One, Captive Media ran a test campaign for Drinkaware, the organisation promoting responsible drinking. The trial ran over 6 weeks in January and February 2012 in a test venue in London.

The objective of the campaign was to assess the effectiveness of Captive Media’s Washroom engagement marketing system in raising awareness of Drinkaware and it’s messaging among drinkers. Captive Media’s screens carried visuals from Drinkaware’s “Why Let Good Times Go Bad” campaign. Captive Media also designed a custom quiz game for Drinkaware, which featured questions about alcohol interspersed with general trivia questions. Unprompted awareness of Drinkaware as a source of the facts about alcohol rose 41%.

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House shots increase 264 shots per week

Captive Media conducted public trials of its washroom media system in Cambridge over four months between July and Oct 2011.

Over an 8 week period, Captive Media’s units ran a static 10 second promotion for the venue’s house spirit of the night; something that could be varied by the venue day by day to manage stock and maximise margin.

Sales uplift was measured using the bar’s own EPOS data to compare sales during the trial to average sales for the year to date prior to the trial.

Sales of the promoted house shots rose by 264 units a week, an uplift of 22% – and more importantly, well over £100 a week of margin to the venue.

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