[one_half]In a crowded marketplace, how do you make sure consumers choose you when booking event tickets?

Drive sales

Captive Media is a world first – where you’d least expect to find it. As seen on TV, and nominated for numerous awards, we are putting a smile on the faces of bar goers in 12 countries. Captive Media is different from other media because it commands a whole minute of male attention – and makes that minute interactive. For event ticketing companies, this offers the possibility to:

  • Increase market share through elevated awareness
  • Display live twitter activity about a show you are advertising
  • Target affluent socialisers who are frequently in London

And because our screens log each impact – you get perfect accountability. And you can pay per impact delivered. Actual – not estimates.

Special Offer – Captive Media for Free

From January 2014 we will be investing in up to 100 screens in top bars across London. As a special introductory offer, we are offering three 4-week media campaigns to first responders. The offer closes on March 14th.

If you would like to give Captive Media a try, or if you’d just like to know more, send us a note on the form to the right for a call back, or just reach Mark at mark@captive-media.co.uk or 0208 123 1543

Creates Buzz

Drives Acquisition

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