[one_half]70% of bar-goers haven’t chosen their drink when they approach the bar. That’s 70% of the £11 billion spent on drinks each year in UK on-trade. Imagine if you could bring your product front of mind by reaching them immediately before the point of purchase. Imagine if you could get your product talked about by 20 million London bar-goers a year…

Drive up sampling and rate of sale

Captive Media is a world first – where you’d least expect to find it. As seen on TV, and nominated for numerous awards, we are putting a smile on the faces of bar goers in 12 countries. Captive Media campaigns have boosted sales of drinks brands by over 40% and raised awareness for Drink aware by 41%. How? Because we command a whole minute of male attention – and makes that minute interactive. For drinks brands this offers the possibility to:

  • promote your brand in venue, and better yet, in the moments immediately before they make a purchase decision
  • drive your CSR agenda, by promoting responsible alcohol-use messaging
  • engage consumers in a branded interactive game, bringing your brand to life and getting it talked about

And because our screens log each impact – you get perfect accountability. And you can pay per impact delivered. Actual – not estimates.

A February Special Offer – Captive Media for Free

From January 2014 we will be investing in up to 100 screens in top bars across London. As a special introductory offer, we are offering three 4-week media campaigns to first responding firms. The offer closes on Feb 14th – Valentines day.

If you would like to give Captive Media a try, or if you’d just like to know more, send us a note on the form to the right for a call back, or just reach Mark at mark@captive-media.co.uk or 0208 123 1543

Creates Buzz

Drives Sales

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Tiger Beer Case Study
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