How we got 164,000 people talking about blood cancer


In the run up to the General Election, Anthony Nolan decided to sponsor a Captive Media game to promote their serious message that aimed to increase registrations on their blood cancer donor list. Watch how they did it and what the results were:

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Game Results

163,896 games played over 14 days

512,480 tomatoes were thrown

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Campaign Impact

23,351 visitors to Anthony Nolan’s website

1,572 donor registrations, and uplift of 74.9%

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Wee The People May 7th

David Cameron Ed Miliband Nick Clegg Nigel Farage Natalie Bennett Nicola Sturgeon Leanne Wood
20% 17.8% 5.5% 29.7% 5.5% 15.9% 5.8%


Watch how it looked for real

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Play the game here

(desktop browsers only)

Try your hand at Anthony Nolan’s ‘Wee The people’ online. When ready to play, press “S” to start and use your arrows keys to control your aim. When you’re done, simply press “E” to end the game.

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