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The Captive Media system uses contactless sensors to detect the position of a man’s stream as he pees.

This technology has been developed by Captive Media and is fully patented in the UK, with patents pending overseas.

1 In the venues, units consist of a hi-definition, 12″ LCD screen, integrated with sensors and an industrial-grade PC – all housed in a robust, IP-65 rated enclosure. The PC stores and manages the presentation of content, which is delivered via secure, broadband internet from Captive Media’s hosted servers. The PC also posts anonymous score & session data to the servers, from where users can later collect it … using a screen code. Venue owners send their content to Captive Media for scheduled replay during the background loop – stills, videos or even newsfeeds.

2 In the cloud, Captive Media uses a hosted system from the world’s largest digital signage player to distribute content overnight to each venue, with full redundancy & backup. Master scheduling software ensures the right content appears at the right times in the right places, and a network administrator monitors availability and tracks ad plays and system performance.