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According to published research, the average visit time for a UK male is 55 seconds – equivalent to two standard TV ad slots!

BBC Marc Cieslak
Marc Cieslak of the BBC Click programme reviews Captive Media’s System
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The world’s first retrofit, networked
washroom gaming system …
… with hands-free control.

The Captive Media system consists simply of a hi-definition screen, fitted at eye level above the urinal, where it commands the full attention of the user. When not in active use, it plays a mixture of adverts and content from one of our twelve ‘PTV’ channels.

But when a user approaches, it flips into gaming mode, using patented technology to detect not only his presence … but the direction of his stream. Algorithms then allow the user to do something simple, but VERY engaging – controlling the system just by aiming their stream left or right!

[success] All of this is done without ANY alteration to the bowl or plumbing – just one sleek unit, wall-mounted with power and internet. Like a TV – only 100% waterproof, and vandalproof![/success]

The games themselves are a LOT of fun … and people like to talk about them. They also like to come back and compete, so we’ve built an online Score Centre with scores from across the country, plus Twitter & Facebook to let your pals know you’ve just beaten them!

Starting to sound like a good idea? See what the bar owner and visitors at our Cambridge trial site have to say about it … and another time, we’ll tell you what some retailers & exhibition centres have in mind …