[one_half]Are you happy that the media you buy always cuts through with the audience it’s aimed at? Happy with response rates? If the answer to either of these is no, then you’re among a growing body of communications professionals.

A world first – where you’d least expect to find it

Captive Media is a niche marketing firm which exists to deliver high impact engagement to young males while they are out socialising. As seen on TV, and nominated for numerous awards, we are putting a smile on the faces of bar goers in 12 countries. At the same time, we are delivering startling levels of cut through – a recent campaign raised awareness for Drink Aware by 41% (see case study ). How? Because we command a whole minute of male attention – and make that minute interactive. For public service, health and related campaigns, this offers the possibility to:

  • reach a very specific audience: perfect gender targeting, and fine age/demographic targeting, resulting in low wastage
  • cut through to them, holding their attention for an entire minute, while they are socialising and making decisions
  • engage them in a minute-long, interactive experience, bringing your campaign to life and getting it talked about

And because our screens log each impact – you get perfect accountability. And you can pay per impact delivered. Actual – not estimates.

So if you would like to give Captive Media a try, or if you’d just like to know more, reach Mark at mark@captive-media.co.uk. If you would like to win a month of free Captive Media for a campaign, continue reading, right.

Creates Buzz

Increases Awareness

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DrinkAware Case Study
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Win Captive Media for Free – just propose a game

Have a great idea for a Captive Media game? To celebrate our London roll out, we are offering two free trial campaigns in May. To secure one, with no commitment, just pen us a sentence with your answer to this question: “What would you do with a captive minute of a consumer’s time?”.

Be as wacky as you like, and if we like your idea, it could just become a game on our system. The only rule is that the game can only be controlled by left, right, and centre movements.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not take some inspiration from our existing games.

Submit your idea to Mark at mark@captive-media.co.uk.