“This is awesome! I’d come back time and again for this”

A Starter Pack of games is already available for Captive Media’s system, with more in the pipeline. All are custom-built for our unique, er… user interface! And we have learned that games should be 100% intuitive. Chaps never read instructions at the best of times.

Of course, the gaming doesn’t end at the finish!? To enter your name on the hi-score table – maybe become the night’s ‘Peer of the Realm’ – you’re given a secret code. Enter than with your smartphone and up come the leaderboards – for tonight in the venue, all time, or UK-wide? Tweet your score and a link to explain how you got it!

To see who’s currently atop the Leaderboard, go to our Captive Games website.

Washroom games

Urinal games

Interactive digital gaming

Current games:

On the Piste

Digital Signage with games

Developed with 1973 Ltd, speed your way through the snowy mountains and hit the penguins on your supercharged snowmobile. Penguins? Up a mountain? Hang on a minute…

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We would have called this P***Artist – but it would have been too rude. A staff favourite, create your own work of art as you pee. And best of all – email your creation to the one you love! Well if that doesn’t make her swoon I don’t know what will.

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Get information out to the viewer, page through the slides to see what is available or what is going on!

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