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Bar Rugby

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A rugby game in which players navigate a rugby player through a field of on-rushing opponents. Points are earned for yards gained, tackles broken and bonus golden rugby balls collected along the way!
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Bar Cricket: The Ashes

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A special, limited-edition game for The Ashes, challenging men to beat the Aussies and return to the bar victorious!
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‘Wee The People’

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Built for the 2015 General Election, and sponsored by blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, Wee The People allowed men to get their own back by throwing tomatoes at their least favourite political party leader.
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Our most visually dramatic game to date. Watch our nozzle-moving, Glo-Fuel, power-generating gameplay above.

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Pee-nalty Shoot-Out

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Our popular football game, designed originally for the 2014 World Cup, shows our twist on the beautiful game. This game can be adapted to suit any brand, with multiple places to insert product branding.

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xStream Racer

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Developed with WeAreRemo this exciting driving game which will be available soon will have loads of potential for sponsors to be integrated into the game to allow full product branding.

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On the Piste

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Developed with 1973 Ltd, speed your way through the snowy mountains and hit the penguins on your supercharged snowmobile. Penguins? Up a mountain? Hang on a minute…

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100ml Dash

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OK, so you couldn’t cover 100m in less than 14 seconds … but you could reach Olympic heights in this game, if your aim is true…

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We would have called this P***Artist – but it would have been too rude. A staff favourite, create your own work of art as you pee. And best of all – email your creation to the one you love! Well if that doesn’t make her swoon I don’t know what will.

Tweet or post your masterpiece!

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Clever Dick

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Developed with 1973 Ltd, test your… er trivia knowledge. Answer 10 questions correctly and go to the top of Miss Philips class. Score more and you may be asked to see her afterwards.

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Opeenion Poll

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Developed with 1973 Ltd, this game is fully configurable, decide on the topic you wish to poll, “Who’s Hotter”, “Who’d win in a Fight”, “Who is the Best Striker” or “Which Beer” the pictures are uploaded and you can have your very own Opeenion Poll!

Find out what your customers’ preferences are.

Fun or useful data …

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Get information out to the viewer, page through the slides to see what is available or what is going on!

Share information…
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Pirate Wave

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Developed with Team Cooper, you’re protecting the bay from marauding pirates. All that’s needed is to send out big waves to sink their advancing galleons – and guess how?

(Note: this game was developed for Bourne Leisure, and is available at Butlins in Bognor Regis)
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What will be next?

Got a game idea? 

Send it in and in a few weeks, you could be writing your name in the snow!

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