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Generate Buzz. Boost Sales.

Captive Media’s units provide world class digital signage. With a twist. They attract & retain customers. And generate a great buzz amongst visitors and staff alike …

We ran a 4-month field trial, without publicity, and this is what we learned from 160 interviewees:
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  • 27% “came because of it”
  • 45% “will stay longer to play it”
  • 87% “will tell their friends what they’ve seen”
[/list] [/one_half_last] And because the units entertain customers, at the only time anyone can command their full attention, the units are also a great tool for in-house promotions. Sales of promoted items rose by up to 47%.

The Captive Media units also give any washroom a facelift, which everybody likes. Oh, and they improve hygiene too! Men are more accurate when they concentrate. Fact. That means washrooms up to 85% cleaner according to urinalfly.com.

So what about the girls? We have units there too. No games (yet!), but great content on our Ladies’ PTV Channels to pass the time in the queue. Captive Media makes sense on many grounds. And we plan to roll out to selected venues in 2012, not just in bars…


Creates Buzz

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“The buzz it creates is phenomenal. Even at the bar you can hear people talking about it … It basically gives the bar staff something to talk to the clients about”
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Drives Sales

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“Corona went up by about 200 bottle sales a week, which put it to our top-selling beer”
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Built to be Rugged

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6mm toughened glass fascia, on an aluminium chassis. Shock proof and waterproof to IP65
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Improves Hygiene

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Up to 85% improvement in hygiene. Less cleaning