Differentiate your bar

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“That is awesome… I would come back time and time again to play that”

This is a unique opportunity to own a world first. In our first year, Captive Media will install a strictly limited number of units. No other bar near yours will have one.

The units lift and enhance your washroom. And men love them. In tests, nine out of ten men said they’d stay longer or return to a bar with Captive Media.
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Engage your customers

You control a key ad slot, enabling you to promote forthcoming events or your offers. Do it yourself through a simple web interface. The system can show almost any media content you want it to: sports news, art house movies, comedy clips.

The screens in any one washroom all synchronize when not in use, and all respond, snapping into interactive mode, when they detect the presence of a user.
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Build customer loyalty

Consumer research shows the remarkable effect Captive Media’s Captive8 system has on men’s behaviour:
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  • More likely to stay at the bar, ordering another round
  • More likely to return to the bar
  • Nine out of ten tell their friends
  • Many will tweet, comment, ‘like’ on facebook, generating buzz around your venue… and adding their identities to a wider community in which you can promote your brand
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Boost your sales

And did we mention that because of the exceptional captive nature of its ‘dwell time’, the Captive8 system is no slouch as means to drive sales for products sold on site? In fact its vital statistics (below) are best in class for a ‘digital out of home’ media system. Speak to your suppliers about promoting their brands on your new screens, and watch the EPOS sales data rise!

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New revenue stream

It’s not only your suppliers who may be interested to advertise on your new screens. As the network grows, it becomes increasingly attractive to national brands and advertisers. This ad space is more valuable than static posters. Captive Media is committed to building this market and sharing the proceeds with you.