Games and content

We supply you with games from our ever-expanding catalogue and will update them regularly to keep your customers amused and engaged. We can even design a game specifically for your venue.

Captive Media also manages the content on your screens, so you don’t have to. All units are fully networked and download fresh content automatically overnight (that means you have all the bandwidth you want during the day when you need it).

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Captive Media is mostly about fun. So you can imagine what’s in our “PTV” channels! Crammed with funny, amazing and beautiful clips – and organised to let you choose what to play between ads …

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  • Pee-TV – with choices such as Eye Candy for Boys, Sports Classics, Awesome stunts
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Run your own promotions

We can upload your promotions and schedule them as you please. In our field trials, sales of promoted items have risen by between 19% and 100%.

Graphically challenged? We can also help make your ads look great – turning boring posters into eye-catching movies.

[image size=”small”]http://www.captive-media.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/yum_yum_266.jpg[/image] We can also provide proof-of-play figures to compare with your EPOS data and track exactly what’s working.  That way you can continually improve your offers.
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Arrangements for 3rd party ads

When the game is not in use, a background loop of ads and cool content will play. This is divided into slots and you’ll have full control of at least one of these slots, to run promotions, show photos from party nights or run a promotional film.

We will sell 3rd party advertising during the remaining slots, but will check with you first that you stock the brands, and to ensure we don’t advertise direct competitors.

And when there are no cool ads to show … there’s PTV!