[one_half]Proliferating taxi booking apps, imminent 24 hour tube…. in these testing times, how do you maximise awareness of your firm among socialisers in central London? Imagine if there was an engaging way to do that at the very moment they make their travel decision; one that was talked about among an aggregate 20 million bar goers a year…

Drive up your traffic and mobile acquisition

Captive Media is a world first – where you’d least expect to find it. As seen on TV, and nominated for numerous awards, we are putting a smile on the faces of bar goers in 12 countries. Captive Media is different from other media because it commands a whole minute of male attention – and makes that minute interactive. For taxi companies & taxi booking apps, this offers the possibility to:

  • Bring your app to front of mind and drive mobile acquisition
  • display a real-time map of your taxis close to the user (see photo, right)
  • Target ONLY consumers about to make travel decisions. No wastage
  • engage the consumer in an interactive game introducing him to your company’s offer

And because our screens log each impact – you get perfect accountability. And you can pay per impact delivered. Actual – not estimates.

A February Special Offer – Captive Media for Free

From January 2014 we will be investing in up to 100 screens in top bars across London. As a special introductory offer, we are offering three 4-week media campaigns to first responding firms. The offer closes on Feb 14th – Valentines day.

If you would like to give Captive Media a try, or if you’d just like to know more, send us a note on the form to the right for a call back, or just reach Mark at mark@captive-media.co.uk or 0208 123 1543

Creates Buzz

Drives Acquisition

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