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Captive Media at Eddie World, CA
Captive Media at Eddie World, CAEddie World is getting rave reviews for its unique urinals

Cool Urinal Games

Patented sensors buy online pharmacy soma inside the screens allow visitors to control eye-level video games just by aiming left or right in the bowl!  Naturally, guys love it … 87% will tell a friend about their visit!

And between games? Your own  soma free saturday delivery branded promotions. Hey presto – customer referrals and boosted sales!   

Soma fast delivery no doctors Urinals for sale? Not here : Captive Media fits above existing bowls or urinal troughs.  So unlike novelty keg urinals or ‘lips urinals’ you won’t need a plumber. And this talking point changes every month!  Check out Bustin’ Tanks or the 100ml Dash on our  soma cod saturday Games Page