DVD’s are old hat – right? Went out with HMV and Woolworths? Well, yes and no … they certainly take a lot more imagination to promote. So when 20th Century Fox approached Vizeum UK and Rapport WW about Family Guy’s new box set, they were looking for something different. Not posters. Not wallpaper. Something that would really engage 18-34 year-old men.

Susie McAvoy and Paul Doherty at Rapport called Captive Media and, a week later, had a concept everyone seemed to love – turning the DVD cover into a video game for guys to play in bars up and down the UK – while taking a leak!

To make it a game?  Set Peter against a shimmering, pink background and arm Stewie with a marshmallow cannon to fire as players aim left and right.  Here is Family Guy’s UK brand manager,  Nicola Browning, explaining how and why this all worked …

The game ran across Captive Media’s UK network for 3 weeks and was played 205,000 times. It garnered another 14,000 views on Family Guy’s Facebook page. But most importantly, 74% of players recalled the brand unprompted, and 87% said they would tell a friend. Now that’s effective advertising ..

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