A major betting brand has booked Captive Media’s network to September to complement its TV ad campaign

Captive Media is probably the only outdoor ad medium to guarantee a whole minute’s attention from its audience – millennial men.  It turns the minute they spend in the Gents, staring at the wall, into entertainment.  The result – men smile, laugh … and remember the brands they see.
A specially enhanced version of our most popular ever game engine, the penalty shoot-out, see above, is being be developed for a well-known betting brand at the start of the Premier League season – complementing its TV ad campaign. Millennials are known to be particularly light viewers of ‘linear TV’, adept at blocking and skipping ads and especially hard to reach for advertisers.  Captive Media’s approach not only cuts through to them – it also puts the brand into the heart of their conversation in bars around the country.  

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