We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our network to 200 screens. Our interactive video screens are now live in London and 15 cities cities across the UK including Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton and Portsmouth.

The expansion comes after a successful phase 1 roll out across London in 2014 which saw 60 of the screens installed in Young Persons Venues (YPV’s) such as Tiger Tiger Haymarket, and King’s College Student Union. The new Phase 2 expansion sees screens lit in other UK cities including Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff. Our new network includes venues from Tokyo Industries, Tiger Tiger, and the Burning Night Group.

“What Captive Media does really well is help brands engage young male consumers while they are out socialising” commented Captive Media co-founder and CEO Gordon MacSween. “The response to the media has been outstanding, and we’re delighted to be extending our reach across all the UK’s major cities”.

The network plays out 8 million video impressions each month, as well as serving 250,000 of its unique 60 second interactive game engagements, to an audience of 18-34 year old males, with particular focus on students and sports fans.

View our full network here

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