We’ve just returned from Leisure Industry Week at the NEC in Birmingham. As its name suggests, it is a three-day-long affair of rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the leisure and health industries, as well as various lycra-clad gym bunnies, television personalities, and the odd British Olympic medalist (we are now the proud owner of Beth Tweddle’s autograph).

So, a nice change of scene from the Dragon’s Den, which in fact turned out to have been fantastic PR for us: every other passer-by stopped for a double take and asked us about the show! For 48 hours in Birmingham, Gordon MacSween was a minor celebrity.

The overall interest we received, however, was great, and came just as much from other exhibitors as visitors. Journalists, managers, media professionals, purchasers, specifiers, and suppliers all wanted to play the game, to know how it works, how they could get it, and what the Dragons were thinking.

The fit with the leisure industry became clear: the notion of games, the technology, and the promotional capacity of the system. Cross-promoting different gym classes at different times of the day, advertising membership offers to a lucrative demographic, custom-designed games for theme parks, or just managers looking for that special something for their venue. No idea was left untouched, and a lot of heads were turned.

Oh, and the picture. Adam Corbally and Stephen Brady from The Apprentice were keen to pose for us. They enjoyed playing the game and the concept of the product – thanks guys for the photo!

Coming soon – a new game, a radio interview, another trade show, and some new venues. Watch this space!

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