Captive Media triumphed at The Drum Content Awards held on Wednesday at the Emirates stadium, winning the award for Best Out of Home Content.

The Award was presented at a glittering ceremony attended by over 350 of London’s top creative agencies and their clients.   The Award recognised Captive Media’s ground-breaking campaign for cancer charity Anthony Nolan, which had engaged over 160,000 young males with The Election Game, an interactive experience allowing them to throw virtual tomatoes at the leaders of the seven political parties.   

Anthony Nolan wove a serious message around the fun of the game with a call-to-action after the game ended. Richard Davidson of Anthony Nolan explains, “It’s light-hearted but it’s got a really serious message behind it. If we can cut through to young men and get young men to hear what Anthony Nolan is about, they’ll be more likely to go on and join the register”

In the 14 days the game ran in the run up to Election day, 163,896 men cast their votes. A total of 512,480 tomatoes were thrown (and you can see who received the most here – although you can probably guess).  Over 1500 men also signed up to Anthony Nolan’s register, a rise of 74.9%

The campaign was also notable for its use of data. (Click on the photo for a full case study)

Data pic

 Speaking to The Drum during the judging of this year’s inaugural awards, Vikki Chowney, director content strategies, Hill+Knowlton and Anna Watkins, managing director, Guardian Labs, both pointed to data as the future of content marketing.

Watkins said: “The future of content is in data…there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm and appetite for content marketing, however, we’re lagging behind in terms of effective ROI models and the use of data.”

Each direct hit on an ‘M-Pee’ was logged by Captive Media as one vote in the poll of unpopularity, and all votes were tallied online in real time to produce a running ‘anti-poll’ of the leader’s standings.  In this way Captive Media found it was polling over 10,000 men each day – more than the top five polling organisations together. Results were continuously updated on to an online results table, further building interest.

Collecting the award, Captive Media Co-Founder and CMO commented “We’re thrilled to win this award. It’s great recognition for a small company doing innovative things in a space dominated by some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies”.

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