Captive Media today released details of its first complete 8 week trial in Cambridge’s Tabouche bar. Over an 8 week period between July 13th and August 31 2011, bottled beer Corona, Tabouche’s number 2 selling beer, was promoted on screens with a discrete 10 second static promotion page, playing as part of a 90 second loop on Captive Media’s screens. In the six weeks running up to the trial, Corona sold on average 438 units per week, a 33% category share for TaBouche’s bottled beer sales. During the 8 week trial, sales rose an average of 46%, eclipsing 700 bottles per week in three of the test weeks, and causing stockouts in two others. By the end of the trial Corona had surpassed Peroni to become the top selling bottled beer in the venue with a category share of 50%.

Captive Media MD, Mark Melford commented: “These results are extremely encouraging, and are the more remarkable for the lightness of the promotional content screened during the trial, just a single 10 second static page promoting Corona, and a fraction of the system’s potential. It all bears out recent industry research findings from JC Decaux that consumers are up to four times more receptive to promotional messages when they are relaxed in the evening – and when they are also entertained. Captive Media delivers both these things – and does it in a social context, reaching young people when they are already socialising with friends. It’s telling that 100% of consumers surveyed during these trials stated emphatically that they’ll tell friends about what they have seen. This is real talkability, and it helps explain these extraordinary impact figures.”

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