Online plays a role in the ‘path to purchase’ as consumers research their real world purchases. Cars and holidays are a good examples. But the opposite is also true, as consumers spotting a product in the real world hasten online to buy it. The path to purchase of today is convoluted indeed, and the only real moment of truth, as any UK pollster will tell you, is what happens inside the polling booth – in other words at the point of sale itself. McKinsey estimate that 40% of all purchase decisions are made in store. For some categories, such as drinks, it is almost twice that. Admedia estimate the figure at 76%.

So, effective ad campaigns need IRL (“in real life”) as much today as they ever did. Marrying the two is fiddly though. In this thought paper, delivered at Digital Shoreditch om Thursday May 14th 2015, Captive Media co-counder Mark Melford sets out three trends which will change the IRL landscape by 2020, and which marketeers need to watch.

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