In a shock result that brings GB’s golden summer of sport to a juddering halt, evening athletes in Spain have topped the leaderboard in Captive Media’s first internationally contested video game, ‘The 100ml Dash’. The game, launched in Captive Media Venues in five countries to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic games allowed players to drive a sprinter over a 100m athletics course. The truer the aim, the faster he ran. While British sprinters dominate the leaderboard, Gold went to the Spanish Athlete “JK Flash” in a world record time of 5.69 seconds. Silver went to “Natsu Doraguniru” from the Parisian Club “Dernier Bar”, leaving “Next Level” to carry the flag for Britain with a bronze medal winning time of 5.94 seconds. Mark Melford, of Captive Media who developed the game, commented, “we’re actually delighted by the take up of this game, and how keenly it’s been contested. It’s created real buzz in all the venues which carried it, and we congratulate JK Flash on his impressive time.”

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