One of Captive Media’s partners, Ogilvy & Mather funded a behavioural economics experiment called ‘Babies of the Borough’.

On the evening of 2nd August 2012, four world class street artists congregated in Woolwich for stage two of the project.

Green’s End in Woolwich is the street that leads to The Great Harry, the pub razed to the ground during the 2011 London riots in one of the most iconic images of a city gone bonkers. After the riots, most shopkeepers along Green’s End invested in security shutters. Since then, the night-time environment has felt dull, unsafe, foreboding.

A year after the disturbances, to celebrate a city reunited, the shuttered streets of Woolwich were brought to life with pictures of faces of local babies.

Captive Media are proud to be showing some of the time lapse videos on their units at Ogilvy & Mathers Canary Wharf location.

Enjoy their video here.

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