In 2015, Anthony Nolan wanted 16-30 year-old men to become donors – but how to reach them? Easy – link an advert to Captive Media’s election themed game “Wee The People”. Hear from consumers why they responded, and how the press covered it – above.

Anthony Nolan’s limited-edition election game allowed men to throw tomatoes at the leaders of the seven political parties. A direct hit on an ‘M-Pee’ registered as one vote in the poll of unpopularity, and all votes were tallied online in real time to produce a running ‘anti-poll’ of the leader’s standings.

The press took notice. Reuters and RTL sent film crews to cover the game launch, Brand Republic, The Guardian, Lifehacker and Wallblog all wrote about the game. The campaign resulted in 23,531 web visitors, and 1572 Donor Registrations – a rise of 74.9%

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