When you have a brand that’s well-known, but not a top seller, and you add 1 minute of every guy’s undivided attention – it’s amazing what you can do to its sales ….

Captive Media ran an inhouse promotion for Tiger Beer on its interactive washroom units over a seven-week period from the 9th January to the 26th February at the Exhibit Bar in London. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of Captive Media’s system in boosting sales of a brand available on site.

The results showed a near doubling of Tiger’s share of bottled beer sales at the venue. Weekly Tiger sales during the Jan/Feb trial period, usually a quiet time of year, were 26% higher than the previous year, and even exceeded those during the Christmas peak period. All results are based on the venue’s own EPOS data. The trial was featured in this TV report by German broadcaster ZDF.

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