Out-of-Home media planning specialist Posterscope have revealed their top five trends for the OOH industry in 2015.

2015 will be the industry’s most transformative year yet with an expanding digital networks and better ways to target specific audiences, according to Posterscope.

[slideshare id=43277708&doc=fivetoptrendsforout-of-homein2015-150107052300-conversion-gate02]

While it is obviously encouraging to see brand owners understand the benefits that digital OOH can offer, we can’t help but join in with the excitement in seeing what real-time OOH can bring to the table. Captive Media are well-placed to serve this demand, and are able to carry this out at scale across our whole network.

We also wonder whether 2015 is the year that accountability becomes a key term in the industry. Measuring impacts accurately is something the OOH industry has struggled with. We pride ourself on our ability to provide our advertisers with accurate impression figures.

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