As a fun way to demonstrate the power of our new “Opeenion Poll” game format, before the official name was announced we uploaded a special edition on the Royal birthday, called “Name the Baby”. For 24 hours only, bar goers could vote for a selection of possible names ranging from the bookies’ favourites, such as George and William, to outside bets like “Andy” (honouring Wimbledon hero Andy Murray).

Votes were logged in real time over our secure internet and compiled nationally so that each player could see the aggregate leader board instantaneously as they cast each vote.

Over 1800 votes were cast in 24 hours across nine UK venues, with the winning name suggestion being “Philip”. George came in a lowly ninth! Captive Media Director Gordon MacSween commented “The light hearted exercise demonstrates the power of Captive Media’s engagement technology as a rapid consumer research tool. More serious applications include voting on brand preference, even direct feedback on test campaign concepts”.

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