The idea of urinal games is still a mystery in most parts of the world, despite having been invented, patented and perfected by Captive Media several years ago.  Now, thanks to night-club owner Antony Tropeano of KMG, the mystery has been revealed to the people of Adelaide – as he has installed Captive Media in his night-club “The Palace”.

Currently running Pee-nalty Shootout – to tie in with the 2018 FIFA World Cup – the screen will play a different game every month.  All are controlled by players aiming left and right in the bowl – which turns a boring 30 seconds at the urinal into a hilarious, competitive sport!

Apart from putting a smile on people’s faces, it’s getting the venue talked about around town – a great source of free PR. Next month Captive Media arrives in another new country… so watch this space!

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