Restroom Games


order soma cash on delivery Below are even more restroom games from Captive Media’s unique pee-controlled concept.  Whether you own or rent our interactive screens, we can schedule any game to any screen at any time.  We even have one for April Fool’s Day! Click the green button if you haven’t seen how this works, or click any image to see the games in action.

Futuristic restroom game

TOXCITY Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted A visually dramatic & futuristic game. Move your nozzle to keep the Glo-Fuel flowing into the generator, and save the city.  You’re a urinal game hero!

Urinal Game from Bar Rescue

WHIP OUT YOUR HOSE Soma OVERNIGHT DELIVERY NO RX ~ CHEAPEST Soma ONLINE Developed for Jon Taffer’s “Bar Rescue” this restroom game brings a new perspective to firefighting.  Use your hose to dowse the burning building … but don’t hit the firefighters!

Restroom game - skiing


Featured on BBC Click, our original game lets you speed through the snowy mountains and hit penguins on a supercharged snowmobile. Penguins? Up a mountain? Hang on …

Butlins urinal game


Protect the bay from marauding pirates by sending out big waves to sink their advancing galleons – and guess how? Here’s the reaction from co-creators Butlin’s holiday resorts.

Cricket peeing game


A special game for cricket fans, in this peeing game you must dispatch incoming balls to the boundary to beat the Aussies – and return to the bar victorious!

Quiz played at urinal


Impress Miss Phillips with your trivia knowledge in this True or False quiz –  aiming at the left and right urinal stickers. Venues or sponsors can even add their own questions!