Captive Media today released results of the comprehensive customer survey programme it has run in parallel with system testing at TaBouche bar in Cambridge.
Almost 100 customers, both male and female, have been interviewed during busy evenings each week during the trials in a programme run in collaboration with Cambridge University students and

Reaction is stunning:
First to the concept itself: 95% think the screens improve the washroom. And they clearly engage customers. Most frequent quotes: “Funny”, “Great idea”, ‘Entertaining”, “Interesting”.
Secondly, to advertising: 90% think its a good place for advertising. 80% think it makes them feel more positive about the brands displayed. Recall rates ranging between 70% and 80% as different formats are tested (remember, this compares to around 30% for television advertising).
Third, to games: genuine buzz! Common quotes: “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – if they don’t catch on ….?” “That’s the best idea I’ve ever seen”, “guys were laughing their heads off at them”, “you have got to bring this to the US”.
More interesting still, is emerging evidence of impact on customer behaviour with some groups staying longer so each party member could have a go. TaBouche’s commercial director, Graham Horner commented. “It’s creating a real buzz about TaBouche and helping us standout from our competitors.”
We await with interest the first EPOS-based results on the impact the promotions carried on screens have had on sales.

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