In a run-off between the two most unpopular candidates in US Election history, what better predictor of outcome than an Unpopularity Contest?!

We thought we’d combine “In Vino Veritas” with Total Confidentiality and count the votes of pub-goers from across the US, and a dozen other countries … with male voters casting their preferences by aiming left and right at the urinal. Captive Media’s unique user interface is completely non PeeC, but for the lucky pub goers in our venues, it means urine control!

In week one, 59,709 votes (ahem, tomatoes) were cast and Trump was in the majority’s sights. But, consistent with more traditional (boring?) polling methods, it’s too close to call, with Hilary not far adrift.

Since we figured some voters might prefer a different choice, we added in some alternative candidates. Among those, the ‘least unpopular’ is 2020 hopeful Kanje West. And, in a worrying result for both of this year’s candidates, Korean strongman / hairpiece maestro Kim Jong Un is less unpopular than both real candidates. Trump’s own favourite, Vladimir Putin is putting in a good showing too, third from last in this “Loser-Takes-All” vote. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson also poll poorly, according to John Doe at the john.

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