A Little Theatre for Your Customers

Captive Media is a world first – where you’d least expect to find it. Putting a smile on the faces of bar goers in 12 countries.

Captive Media to Invest in 50 UK Bars

“Our customers are experience seekers. They love Captive Media because it is a totally unique experience.”
Graham Hawkey-Smith, Director of Marketing, Yo! Sushi

From January 2014 we will be investing in 100 screens for 50 of the UK’s top bars. If you’d like to be included, click below.

We are that rarest of things: for venues, a unique and premium differentiator, creating buzz, footfall and new revenue.

And for brand advertisers, a powerful new media channel, reaching a highly targeted audience, at the point of sale.

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Creates Buzz

“The buzz it creates is phenomenal. Even at the bar you can hear people talking about it.”

Drives Sales

“Corona went up by about 200 bottle sales a week, which put it to our top-selling beer”

Built to be Rugged

6mm toughened glass fascia, on an aluminium chassis. Shock proof and waterproof to IP65

Improves Hygiene

Up to 85% improvement in hygiene. Less cleaning