Captive Media - Guaranteeing Engagement of Millennial Men

Engage Young Male Consumers. Guaranteed.


A New Digital Outdoor Network


How It Works

How it

A network of interactive screens in bars, each playing a loop of digital content and our world-famous game.

Perfect Targeting


Reach an audience of 18-34 year old male consumers when they are out socialising.
No wastage.

Engagement Guaranteed


A 60-second captive audience + our unique interactivity = the only media to guarantee engagement, driving sales uplift up to 73%.


200 interactive screens

in the top bars of the top UK cities

100 in London

8m video impressions/month


Trusted by

Captain Morgan
20th Century Fox


Our Work

Read how we started over 30,000 conversations about Captain Morgan and increased brand recall by 41% for DrinkAware


Cut Through with Relevance

Engage football fans during Premier League matches, and cut through with relevance during other major events (The Ashes, Rugby World Cup)


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